Pediatric & Pill Glide

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How it works

FLAVORx flavors are able to mask the existing taste of medications. By using one of our existing recipes that have been specifically formulated for every unique medication, a pharmacist or pharmacy tech can change the taste of any liquid medication. Even if the existing taste of the medication isn’t bad many times you will find a child preferring a different flavor because not all child’s favorite flavor is cherry or bubblegum. You will be surprised to learn that custom flavoring their child’s medication, their children are more compliant to take the prescription.*

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Pill Glide

People of all ages struggle swallowing tablets or capsules. Pill Glide is a quick, clean and effective solution for that very common problem. It is easy to use, just a few sprays in the mouth before taking a tablet or capsule and the pill goes down without the discomfort.


  • Children having trouble taking solid-form medications, vitamins or supplements.
  • Adults on multiple medications, supplements, and/or vitamins
  • People with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or ALS
  • Cancer or stroke patients
  • All people with pill anxiety
  • People who struggle taking medication due to smell or taste of the pill

*Information provided by https://www.flavorx.com/parents/products